Journalism students receive departmental awards

Several journalism students were honored at the 2020 Honors Convocation on May 3, including three who received the first award issued for student journalists at Crescent magazine.

The award recipients were:

Outstanding Journalism Graduate

Regan, left (Kaitlyn Regan photo), and Scicchitano, right (Jason Edwards photo)
  • Kaitlyn Regan
  • Alexandra Scicchitano

Southern News Journalist of the Year

Griffiths, left, and Guerrucci, right (Jason Edwards photos)
  • Tamonda Griffiths
  • Jessica Guerrucci

Crescent Journalist of the Year

  • Amanda Cavoto
  • Sam Fix
  • Jacob Waring

(Pictured above. Jason Edwards photos)

“Pursuing my passion for writing and storytelling has allowed me to meet the most talented, insightful, and kindest people,” said Regan. “As graduation approaches, it is bittersweet to think about the prospect of leaving behind a department that has nourished my progress.”

“The student media outlets have given me countless opportunities I could’ve never imagined when I entered college,” said Cavoto. “I am incredibly grateful for the friends, skill sets and learning experiences I’ve had at Southern News, Crescent magazine and WSIN that will last a life time.” 

“My experiences in student media has given me key exposure to navigating getting sources, writing with integrity and truly showing me what power media holds on a lot of aspects of life. It’s also helped me meet amazing friends along the way,” Scicchitano said. “I wouldn’t take back any of the experiences and hardships I’ve had in the department and student media. Everything I learned and did is valuable and will be used in my career going forward.”