Student video projects

When Southern closed campus in March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, students in the first section of Audio and Video Storytelling (JRN 227) were faced with the challenge of producing longform video stories remotely.

The 15 students in the course, taught by Professors Frank Harris and Jodie Gil, overcame those challenges, and told stories ranging from World War II recollections to small business challenges. Two students gave a first-person look at how the pandemic impacted their lives.

A select sample of the student work is included here.

This video diary gives a peek into what life during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic was like for Anna De Simone, a junior SCSU journalism student. Video by Anna De Simone.
“One day at a time.” As an essential worker during COVID-19, this is the mindset I keep to get my through it, despite the frustrations that come along with it. Video by Jessica Guerrucci.
Ashley “ShowOff” Velazquez, a tattoo artist from New Haven, appeared in reality TV show Ink Master in 2016 . Being on the show has changed her life. Video by Gabriela Cuapio.
Ellwood Saunders gives a glimpse into his wartime experience while stationed on Luzon, Philippines during World War II. Video by Jacob Waring.
SCSU Freshman Amber Recine describes her work life at Pizza Heaven in New Haven, working to buy a car in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Video by Jason Edwards.

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