Students share study tips as finals loom

Senior Psychology major Sylvana Burno said she studies for finals by teaching her parents the material…

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John Morgan

VP of Public Relations John Morgan | SCSU JRN ’83

John Morgan, SCSU JRN ’83, is the associate vice president for public relations at Quinnipiac University.

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Vanessa Pereira

Marketing and Communications Director Vanessa Pereira, SCSU JRN ’10

Vanessa Pereira, SCSU JRN ’10, is the marketing and communications director for the Apostles of the…

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Kaitlyn Naples

Communications Coordinator Kaitlyn Naples | SCSU JRN ’10

Kaitlyn Naples, SCSU JRN ’10, is the internal communications coordinator for the University of New Haven.

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Michael Marciano

Bureau Chief Michael Marciano | SCSU JRN ’94

Michael Marciano, SCSU JRN ’94, is the bureau chief of the Connecticut Law Tribune.

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Jonathan 'JJ' Burton

Reporter Jonathan “JJ” Burton | SCSU JRN ’11

Jonathan “JJ” Burton, SCSU JRN ’11, is a reporter for ABC Action News, WFTS Tampa.

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Social Media Coordinator Jason Edwards | SCSU JRN ’21

Jason Edwards, SCSU JRN ’21, is the social media coordinator for Southern Connecticut State University.

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Jailene Cuevas

Trending Reporter Jailene Cuevas | SCSU JRN ’19

Jailene Cuevas, SCSU JRN ’19, is a trending reporter for Hearst Connecticut Media Group.

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