News Producer Jonetta Badillo | SCSU JRN ’09

Jonetta Badillo says it is a privilege to tell stories about the world — and that’s…

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Editor Brittany Galla | SCSU JRN ’08

Brittany Galla has always been interested in magazines — and has made her career in journalism…

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Danielle Vollono

Manager of Sports Operations Danielle Vollono | SCSU JRN ’13

Danielle Vollono said she has been obsessed with sports since she was a child, when her…

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Sports Journalist Rob Parker | SCSU JRN ’86

After graduating in 1986 with a B.S. in journalism, Rob Parker translated his skills into a…

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Director of Brand Communications Sarah Houseknecht | SCSU JRN ’10

Sarah Houseknecht knew she wanted to work in a field related to sports. The global director…

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Editor Elizabeth Glagowski | SCSU JRN ’98

Elizabeth Glagowski knew she wanted to work in journalism, but wasn’t sure exactly how. Studying in…

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John Morgan

VP of Public Relations John Morgan | SCSU JRN ’83

As the associate vice president for public relations at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, John Morgan oversees…

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Vanessa Pereira

Marketing and Communications Director Vanessa Pereira, SCSU JRN ’10

Vanessa Pereira’s days are never the same, working as the marketing and communications director for the…

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