Getting Started: Kevin Crompton, SCSU JRN ’19

By Devin Hollister

Three years after graduating from Southern Connecticut State University with a degree in Journalism, Kevin Crompton is now part of a team that creates and produces all social media content for UConn Athletics.

Kevin Crompton
Kevin Crompton

Crompton, the assistant director of creative content for UConn Athletics, runs the UConn Huskies Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, along with graphic designers and video editors on the team. He also creates graphics, photography, video and audio for the posts.

“Southern as a whole, and the Journalism program, was something that I was able to learn a lot of skills from that I still use,” Crompton said.

Crompton opes to one day work as an Athletic Director, but wants to continue working his way up and focus on creative content jobs for now.

Crompton advises upcoming journalism students to think the same way, and get familiar with video and audio editing software.

“I think it’s easy to just be like ‘I’m a journalist. I need to learn to write and report well.’ You do, but I think that today video and photography are so big in this field, and that will open up a lot of avenues for you,” Crompton said.

Devin Hollister, journalism student at Southern Connecticut State University, reported this story in 2022 as part of Journalism Capstone coursework.