Efficient, Effective Home Care For Veterans


U.S. Army veteran Bob Swirsky’s face lights up when home health care nurse Jeanette Hutchinson enters his room to check his blood pressure and attend to his body to prevent bedsores.

“It’s going to be 120 over 60,” Swirsky says, as Hutchinson inflates the cuff on the meter on his left arm. “Close,” she said, “124 over 60.”

In Connecticut, there are 209,882 veterans, according to the most-recent U.S. census data, and 29.4 percent are over the age of 75. This group forms the core of veterans with chronic medical issues who are targeted by a VA program to treat them in their own homes.

Read more about the program in an article written by SCSU Journalism student Derek Torrellas during his internship at the Connecticut Health Investigative Team.

Derek Torrellas photo above: Nurse Jeannette Hutchinson checks veteran Bob Swisky’s vital signs.