24 Hours on Campus

In Fall 2023 the students in JRN 220 – Digital Reporting and Writing taught by Jodie Gil, set out to find out: What is a typical day on campus like? The result: This feature that was published in Crescent magazine in the spring 2024 issue. See the full story here.

The story was reported by the JRN 220 students, with photographs contributed from students in JRN 270 – Photojournalism and Drones taught by Jonathan Elmer.

The JRN 220 students who contributed reporting to the project include Brandon Cortés, Miah Green, Guillermo Hernandez, Benjamin Martin, Solé Scott, Jay’Mi Vazquez and Jasmine Williams. The JRN 270 students who contributed photographs include Matthew Cain, Trumayne Guy, Antonio Cavanaugh Lillo, Ricardo Pena and Jasmine Williams.