Image from video showing Monica Zielinski at a computer

Social Media Manager Monica Zielinski, SCSU JRN ’16

Monica Zielinski, SCSU JRN ’16, is a social media manager for First News Polish Press Agency.

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photo of Pete Paguaga holding football and pointing

Senior Sports Producer Pete Paguaga | SCSU JRN ’12

Pete Paguagu, SCSU JRN ’12, is a senior sports producer for, a publication of Hearst…

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interview shot of Stacy Graham Hunt

PR Account Manager Stacy Graham-Hunt | SCSU JRN ’06

Stacy Graham-Hunt, SCSU JRN ’06, runs her own public relations business. She has previously worked for…

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Senior Vice President and Editor Ralph Tomaselli

Ralph Tomaselli, who attended Southern from 1983-86, is the senior vice president and editor of The…

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Vice President of Admissions and Marketing Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo | SCSU JRN ’84

Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo, SCSU JRN ’84, is the vice president of admissions and marketing for Chapel Haven…

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Associate Director of Media Relations Jason Newton | SCSU JRN ’08

Jason Newton, SCSU JRN ’08, is the associate director of media relations and communications for Harvard…

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Producer Rebecca Bainer | SCSU JRN ’12

Rebecca Bainer, SCSU JRN ’12, is a producer for WCVB Boston.

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Magazine Publisher Chris Cosenza | SCSU JRN ’93

Chris Cosenza, SCSU JRN ’93, is the owner and publisher of Ante Up Poker Media.

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